Heating & Ventilation

Ultraviolet Air Disinfection

Effective in killing viruses including Covid 19, also bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

We can supply and install UV Air Disinfection Systems

Manufactured in the UK by a Ground Breaking Company

Fitted into existing ductwork or into bespoke Ductwork manufactured in our works.

While keeping to DW144 and DW142 standards we design, manufacture and install heating and ventilation systems to achieve optimum environments and desired working conditions for your products and employees.

A perfect temperature improves functioning and lowers maintenance costs for manufacturing processes, and production equipment. It can also help towards a longer shelf life and safeguarding the quality of a product.

We can offer heating equipment for a number of facilities including factories, warehouses, garages and greenhouses, as well as many more. With a wide range of industrial warm air heating systems we're bound to have something to suit your application and budget.


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