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Formed in 1990, WSS have worked directly with many local and international companies in the Car Manufacturing, Nuclear, Paper, Petrochemical, Food, Pharmaceutical and Aviation Industries, and we have many ongoing contracts. Since we began we have constantly aimed to improve and expand the services that we offer.

Our workshop facility contains the latest machinery including:

  • 4 metre x 2 metre plasma cutting bed controlled by CAD and CAM systems cutting to 20mm thick
  • 180 tonne 3 metre bed CNC press for folding all materials up to 10mm thick mild steel
  • 3 metre NC programmable guillotine
  • Power rollers initial pinch rolling up to 2 metre wide plates and up to 6mm thick stainless steel

All our machinery is operated by our highly skilled and trained staff. They carry out all types of welding onsite and anything we produce can be installed by our site installation team, who are experienced and competent in all areas of site safety.

Using the world's leading design and manufacturing system for ductwork and fabrications, we can take every project from conception to completion with complete confidence and accuracy. We can design, manufacture, install and commission to your individual requirements.


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The expertise and technology to problem solve. The expertise to install.